Napoleon 拿破仑

Just as the name suggests, this cat is stature, just like the French leader of the same name – Napoleon Bonaparte. The Napoleon cats are adorable cats that are short and chubby. They have wide eyes and have the perpetual doll-like innocence.

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Created by a basset hound breeder, Joe Smith, in 1996, this breed was actually a cross between the Munchkin and the Persian cat. The result of which was a dwarf cat that had a silky, plush coat. Though it was created more than 10 years ago, this breed has just been given the “registered” status at The International Cat Association. However, it is not a champion breed and cannot take part in shows.

The creator Smith had often seen long-legged Munchkin cats in shelters, as people preferred the short-legged kittens. He wanted to change this and after a lot of research, mated the Persian with the Munchkins. Napoleon cats are often called the more enhanced versions of the Munchkins. The Persian blood brings in more beauty, better bone structure, and lush coat to the otherwise boring Munchkin. Now, even if long-legged kittens were born, they would still look beautiful and not be left to the mercy of a shelter.

This breed is considered a new breed and is also very rare. A litter of kittens might have long- as well as short-legged kittens. Though the legs are very short, they are well-muscled and shaped, so they are very agile and fast. The body of the Napoleon cat is quite well developed and strong.

The tails are usually short and ideal for a cat of such stature. The face is the most attractive feature of the Napoleon cats as it is well-rounded and nice to look at. The faces have such a pleasant disposition and the ears are large. The coat of a Napoleon kitten can either be short or long.

As far as their behavior is concerned, they are as friendly and active as the Munchkin and Persian cats. They areat peace around people and are not too dependent on their owners. The long-haired variety needs to be groomed more often, while the short-haired is comparatively low-maintenance with regard to grooming.

They inherit the lush coats and stubby noses from the Persians and the large ears and long bodies from the Munchkin cats. So, with the best features of both of breeds combined, this Napoleon cat is one of the best new cat breeds you can buy.




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